Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friendship Pillow

After the problems that Princess had with the dress (found HERE) I wanted her to have a project that would be fun and easy.  One day she came home from school and had a plan that she and her 2 best friends were going to trace there hands onto a piece of paper and frame it.  There it was the idea, now I just had to switch it to a sewing project, we came up with these friendship pillows.
I really wanted to try cutting fabric with my Silhouette so this was the perfect project to give it a start and also a made less cutting for Princess so that she didn’t get bored and frustrated cutting all of the little pieces, in the end all she had to do was cut out the handprints.
She took some cardstock and her two BFF’s traced their hands on it and put their names (so we would know who’s was who’s).  When she got home she took out her fabric and ironed on new-sew heat and bond, traced the hands and then I set up the designs on the silhouette and had the machine do all the work.  She then took the fabric square that she cut out and set it up the way she liked and ironed everything into place.  Being that there was only three girls one of the corners felt empty so we put the letters BFF (Best Friends Forever). She then was able to use her sewing machine to sew the squares together put the pillow inside and then hand stitched the opening closed.  She still has to make two more pillows but because this project went together so quickly she is excited to get them done and give one to each of her friends, then they will each have a pillow to remember their friendship.  Once again The Friendship Pillow, I think it turned out GREAT!


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  1. Aww that is so sweet! I love it. Such a pretty pillow too.


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