Monday, March 28, 2011

Trash to Models

I have acquired two new members in my family I would like to introduce you to Annie and Betty.


Annie, the mannequin on the left, is a girls size 10 and Betty, the mannequin on the right, is a girls size 12. I have found that women shirts fit fine on them as well, as my new members are stacked well-endowed.

A couple months ago I bought my girls new Speedo swim suits at Costco.  They were the only reasonable priced swimsuits that I could find in February and they came on clear plastic models.  (I didn’t take a picture of these but a couple of my past posts you can see the clear model underneath some of the shirts I’ve made.) 
The plastic actually made it to the garbage can and then I started thinking that they would be great to display clothes on. So I went back out to the garbage and I nailed a hole through the neck into the wall, that didn’t last very long, they looked weird on the wall.

Next I thought that if I gave them some color that maybe they would look better when clothed and the contrast on the wall would be better.  I went to the store to buy some spray paint for plastic and found the color called Princess Pink on clearance.  I wasn’t crazy about the name but the color appeared to be more of a flesh color, fine by me.  Of course after I spray painted my ladies I came across another problem, every time I dressed them I had to take them out of the wall and the nail hole slowly became bigger and a crack started to develop in the neck. I was talking to my my friend and she suggested that I fill it with expanding foam, that would make it firmer and solid.I took my friends advice and filled them with expanding foam and put a nice ribbon in so that I could hang it from the ribbon and not have to worry about the nail when I wanted to dress them.  Last week when I was IKEA I found the hooks on clearance for .49 cents, I knew that they would be perfect to hang my ladies from.


Now my ladies are complete, they are rather exposed right now buy I hope to whip something up soon, say hello to Annie and Betty.  I must say I am very pleased with them as overall cost was under $10 for both of them, not to shabby.


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