Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Bell Necklace


One of my most favorite things about December is that I can pull out my advent calendars.  I LOVE advent calendars and have started a little collection of them, the girls love them as well and race around the house counting down the days until Christmas. 

One of my newest advent calendars is a train with large boxes to hold items and knew right away that I wanted to put something special each day in it not just a simple piece of candy. 029

Having very little money I knew I had to get creative and use things that I already have on hand. 

For the first day I thought about what a had on hand and knew that I wanted to use some of the jingle bells, nothing sounds like Christmas more then the ringing of a bell from Santa’s sleigh.


So I made each of my girls a jingle bell necklace.  It was really simple I simply took a bell put a jump ring around it and put it on a silver chain.  Of course ever necklace needs a card to sit on which gave me an opportunity to come up with a poem.


“Do You Hear What I Hear?

From This Christmas Bell

A Sound of Santa Cheer

From the Sleigh it Fell

Wear Around Your Neck

And Give a Little Ring

Keep Yourself in Check

For Presents He Will Bring.”

For those who want to use it for themselves I created an adobe file, each page includes two poems.  Just click HERE!

Don’t want to make your own you can purchase it from my etsy shop for $3.00, just click HERE.


And here they sit until the girls get home from school.


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