Monday, March 21, 2011

Symphony Dress

For Christmas Santa brought Princess a sewing machine and a gift card to Joann Fabrics.  She was delighted and was even more excited to buy some patterns when they were on sale for $1.  This is one of the patterns she picked up.


This pattern was the BIGGEST headache I have ever come across.  Originally Princess had it in her mind that she was going to whip this up in one day (not unlike what I do ALL of the time) and planned on wearing it for her cousins Baptism in January.  She practiced sewing the fabric because it was a silkier type of fabric and became familiar with her machine while, I being the sucker set up and cut out all of fabric pieces, that is where the headache began, the instructions were even unclear in how to lay the pieces out on the fabric, SERIOUSLY that is just NUTS! 

After I got all of the pieces cut out we sat down together and tried to make sense of the instructions.  We gave up and she wore and old dress to the Baptism, and the pattern and the pieces sat there in a bag waiting to be assembled for MONTHS!  I want sewing to be fun for my girls and this was not FUN, I wanted her to be able to make it with my assistance but I would become frustrated and she would become frustrated and then we would start and YELL butt heads with each other, SO NOT FUN!

A few weeks ago Princess got to go to the symphony with her violin class when I told her she had to wear a dress she went to bed angry with me.  I being the SUCKER greatest mother pulled out the dress and began to make some sort of sense of everything.  It took me until 3am and I had to rip my stitching a million times but IT GOT DONE! 

 P3200007 P3200008     P3200012P3200009

When I finished it I hung it on her door so she would be surprised when she woke, I think she was as I was not functioning in that morning.  The dress was too long so I had to hem it, we were low on time so she literally stood in the dress while I adjust the length of the dress, I seriously need to go back and fix it.  I think the greatest moment was when her friends came over that weekend and asked if I would make them a dress too, it is always nice when pre teens can appreciate homemade items. I know that I will be a sucker and make them dresses as well but luckily for me I know NOT to follow the instructions and I should be able to make these in a few hours, not a few months.  I must admit I am hesitant to use anymore McCalls patterns based on this dress, has anyone else had bad luck with there patterns?


  1. I've never had a problem with a pattern. Maybe this was a fluke :)

  2. I haven't used a McCall's pattern in some time, mainly because our Wal Mart quit carrying them.(We live in the country in Missouri, so if I want to go to a store other than Wal-mart, I have to drive 35 miles)But, it seemed everytime I used a McCall's pattern, I had trouble with it. I think they are very vague, and it seems they skip some explanations, like they take for granted that everyone using their patterns are very experienced seamstresses. Maybe there is a reason Wal Mart doesn't carry them anymore! You sound like a very sweet mother, though, to go through all that to surprise your little princess. I used to do things like that for my girls when they were little. They are all grown but I do it for my grandchildren now. I just did a cute skirt refashion on my blog for one of my g.daughters, please stop by and check it out.

    Hugs, and happy sewing,

  3. I forgot to tell you, I just became your newest follower!


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