Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday I’m in Love #2

This week has been CRAZY!!!  My Spring Break starts TODAY, which means every professor wanted a paper or a test so that they can grade them over the break.  Needless to say I am in LOVE that this week is over with, granted as I type this I technically still have 3 papers and an outline to do BUT the end is near, Monday can not come soon enough as that is when the final paper is due.

My friend Len over at Crafty Homeschool made a cape this week and I really love it, now a cape is nothing new but I do love the way she did the elastic around the neck, I think it looks so much more comfortable and I will be making it for my nephew, sometime this year.  You can find the tutorial HERE.


I also LOVE how every one seems to come together when there is a crisis like in Japan.  I am Momma Hear me Roar  will send an email of this bag tutorial if you donate $8 to a Humanitarian aid program. You can find the link HERE. I seriously love this back and love even more that it is helping thousands of people.

tohoku tote

The Rusted Chain is selling their Pearl Blessed necklace HERE and $10 of everyone sold will be donated to the Red Cross.  They did this for disaster relief in Haiti and donate quite a bit so definitely check them out, Gorgeous.


Overall it has been a GREAT week and Thank Goodness it is FRIDAY!

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