Thursday, March 24, 2011

I’m the Band Shirt


This is the other shirt that I made for the contest over at I am Momma hear me Roar.

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

I really love this shirt.  This shirt for me is a blast from the past.  Growing up this was the thing to wear a t-shirt featuring a band  and a thermal shirt underneath it.  We would cut hole at the end of the sleeves and put our thumbs through them.  LOVE IT!  Although I’ve seen this look creep up here and there I really wanted to make one for  a boy that captured what I remembered, with also keeping it kid friendly.

Like every other shirt I started out with a plain t-shirt.  I didn’t have any to fit the boy that I am giving it to so I went to Dollar Tree picked up the shirt.  I also purchased a pair of 3T thermal pants that were in the baby section.  I had everything else on hand which means this shirt cost me $2!! Take the pants and rip out the seam in the crotch and cut the elastic.  This will give you two sleeves.


Then stich up the legs and sew them to the underside of the shirt sleeves.  I also cut notches for the thumbs in the ends of the sleeves and sewed around them.

Then decorate with fabric paint.  I cut the shapes out on freezer paper using my Silhouette and then painted and waited, and painted and waited, and painted and waited.

The front says I’m in the Band!! I thought about putting I’m the fan on the bottom but I think in this case less is more. 


On the back I put on a bunch of band names, names that a boy would like such as Foo Fighters, Blind Melon, and Green Day.


I know I’m a girl but I really want this shirt!!!  LOVE IT!! Again this shirt is in the mail waiting to be received once it is I will have pictures of it being worn by a boy, my mannequin makes it look a bit girly, need to find a nice boy figure that I can turn into a a mannequin.


YAY for the USPS my friends son got his shirts today and I got pictures of the shirt making it look not girly AT ALL!  Let the photo shoot begin.


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