Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Plans

      Next week starts Spring Break!!! I usually go on a vacation but this year I am sticking close to home.  I am planning to go south to my brothers house for a day, he lives a few hours away in Utah and I really want to hit IKEA.  I also may go north and see my friend who lives several hours away (still in Idaho) but overall not big vacation plans.  So what does this mean I plan on doing with my entire week of freedom from school?

Revamp the girls bedroom!!! 


Apparently they are not little girls anymore and insist that they are exiting the “Princess” phase, it is so hard when little girls grow into big girls.  We found some paper lanterns at Dollar Tree and decided that we would use those to hang in their room.  The options that we saw with the paper lanterns were to either do an Asian themed room or a Hawaiian themed room.  Surprisingly the girls chose Asian and I must say it has been rather difficult to come up with a set plan, having not been to either Asia or Hawaii we will have to go with images we find online.  I keep thinking how much more fun and colorful a Hawaiian themed room could be, there are surfboards and brightly colored flowers, which to me sounds so much more fun for growing girls.  Asia is so much more traditional and peaceful in my mind, however we have found some great finds and I am excited to get started.  Also I have to keep in mind that this a a rental so I can’t paint or wallpaper the walls, so all decorations will be pictures or fabric.

The Plan:

All of the “Princess” will be removed, with the exception of the Barbie Doll Castle and Tangled Tower, the hope though is they will be hidden in the closet.

The bed will stay, but the roof will be raised and will be revamped to resemble a Pagoda.

Chinese Pagoda

Also I will be putting a fabric mural on the wall, one of which will definitely be a cherry blossom tree.


I will make the bedding, Princess collects white tigers so she will have a tiger bedspread (thank goodness tigers live in Asia) and Kitty Kat will have a panda bedspread.

Also I will make each bed a throw pillow to resemble a kokeshi doll, like this one (but mine will be SO much cuter).

asian pillow

Also all of this has to be done on a very minimal budget, I plan to spend no more than $100. 

I’m sure more ideas will come to me as we really get into the project but these are the plans for now, I would like to be done by the end of the week but I’m not planning on it as I have other things to get done.  I want to get some more items added to my Etsy shop, those cookies are looking very sad being there all by themselves.  I also plan on entering two shirts into the contest that I Am Momma Hear Me Roar is hosting on Friday.


I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

  Busy, Busy, Busy, really looking forward to it all!!!

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