Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday I’m In LOVE

I don’t think I have been more excited to have a Friday then today, nothing special about it being Friday but this has been a rather difficult week, for me it is always hard to get back into the routine of things after a long break like Spring Break. 

Monday starts the new season of One Month To Win It and I must say I am extremely nervous!  Have you noticed the ladies I am competing against?  I literally idolize two of them and am a complete blog stalker and then another one of my competitors is 15 years old, holy crap she has so much talent, I am seriously envious.  I am finishing my project tonight for this week and I am half way done with my project for next week, it has been SO HARD not saying anything about my projects because I am seriously thrilled about ALL of them! 

I LOVE this outfit that Len made this week over at Crafty Homeschool.


Is that not the CUTEST outfit EVER?

I’m not a fan of those button candies, but I totally want to make these homemade candy buttons from Running With Glitter.

candy button

I may even give in and allow my kids to eat these “candies.”  They are half way through there year without candy but I do allow a treat like this here and there.

This corkboard US States map is AWESOME, I have a thing for maps. I don’t know much about geography but I do like to mark the places where I have been, I LOVE traveling and will definitely be replicating this idea from Crate Paper Blog.


And finally, can I express my love for this bathroom over at Infarrantly Creative.  It makes me think of the TV show FRIENDS and Monica’s apartment, I have always wanted this color purple in on of my rooms but have never dared to do it.  AMAZING!!!


Also, today is April Fools!!! I have a few tricks up my sleeve for today, but I won’t share any of them now in case one of my victims participants is reading.  I’m just saying you have been WARNED so be careful this special day and don’t make a fool of yourself.

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