Monday, March 14, 2011

Saint Patrick Day Shirt One

My girls needed shirts for St. Patrick’s Day I finished Kitty Kat’s last night.


I don’t have much green fabric on hand but was thrilled when I found this remnant of jersey fabric for .63 cents at Walmart, there was close to a yard of it, yay!!!  I like the idea of appliqués but my Princess used up the rest of my Heat and Bond so I had to come up with something different for the shirts, I did however have green t-shirts on hand. This tutorial will be for Kitty Kats shirt and I will hopefully post the tutorial for Princess’s shirt on Wednesday.


I had originally planned for this shirt to say Lucky Charm but when I was setting it up I liked the word Lucky so much that I got rid of the charm.                       This shirt really was simple to make so I hope that this tutorial comes off that way.

I printed up a design from my silhouette onto freezer paper and ironed it onto the t-shirt.


I then took my washable marker and traced the design onto the shirt.


When it was all traced this is what I had.


I then took my jersey fabric and cut it large enough to cover the entire design, I turned the t-shirt inside out and laid the fabric on top so that the right side of the jersey was on top of the wrong side of the shirt, making sure that it was covering the image on the other side.  I then ironed it so that it was smooth and flat and to keep it in position I took the scraps of left over freezer paper and ironed them it on the sides using it like a tape.


Next is to take another piece of freezer paper and place it on top with the shiny side facing up and pin it in place.  The freezer paper will work as a stabilizer and preventing bunching when sewing.


Turn the shirt right side out and begin to sew.  Remember that when sewing with jersey to switch your needle to a ball point needle.  I sewed a straight stitch and changed my settings to width 1.5 and length 1.0, I also changed my foot to my clear foot so that I could follow my markings when sewing.


Be careful not to bunch this is what it will look like when it is completely stitched.



And this is the images of the inside.


Trim the thread and tear off the freezer paper holding your stitching as you tear.


You can also trim off the excess fabric around your stitching.  Turn your shirt right side out and pull where you have just stitched making sure to separate the back from the front fabric and cut off a small piece.


Carefully trim up to where the stitching is leaving some excess fabric, it should look like this when finished.


Throw it in the washing machine to get rid of your ink marks. The finished product.


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