Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boyed Cheese Sandwich

I miss having little girls!  They have such a small understanding about the world around them and make sense of things within their minds of what they only know.  My little girls are becoming big girls but occasionally we have those moments that let me drift back to the memories when they were still discovering the world within their limits.  One of those moments happened today when I made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  

My girls do not know what Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are but they do know what “Girled” Cheese Sandwiches are and “Boyed” Cheese Sandwiches.  This funny family joke happened when Kitty Kat was around 5 years old, I asked if she wanted grilled cheese sandwich and out of nowhere responded, “No, I want a boyed cheese sandwich!”  I learned very early not to argue with her and quickly made a “Boyed” cheese sandwich.

Our “Boyed” cheese sandwiches are just grilled cheese sandwiches with meat in them but the name makes them taste all that much more amusing, especially to me the adult, knowing that boys have “meat.” 


Now I’m sure you know by now what “Girled” cheese sandwiches, just toasted sandwiches with only cheese.

P3200002  P3200005

I love the little things in my family like “Boyed” Cheese Sandwiches and “Girled” cheese sandwiches and I love that my girls still call them just that.  Go ahead and make your own, they are delicious.

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