Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saint Patrick Day Shirt Two


I FINALLY finished Princess’ Saint Patrick Day Shirt and I must say it was a much bigger headache then it was worth.  Overall, I am still happy with how the shirt turned out and I now know what NOT to do.  I’m sure I could now replicate this style much easier next time, needless to say there will be NO tutorial for this one but I will give a few explanations on how the shirt actually came together as it once was an adult small Hanes t-shirt and now it fits my size 10 wearing daughter perfectly with just a few alterations.


Being that it was an adult shirt it was to long on Princess I put it on her and marked where it hit her waist and then I cut the fabric.  I then revamped the bottom piece and reattached it so that it gave that fun gathered look on the bottom. After that I adjusted the sleeves so that the top would fit the properly and cut the collar off.  What I should have done was adjusted the sleeves first and then reattached the bottom, this one little misstep literally cost me hours of time and I nearly threw the whole project out the window. 


I then wrote the word lucky and sewed over it a few times with my sewing machine and I put a new trimming around the color and sleeves.


I originally wanted to sew a bunch of flowers on the upper part of the arm but time got the better of me and I just did one rosette and made a penny button to use as the center, I did make sure that the penny I used was the year of her birth 2001, it is the little details that I think really matter. Also, instead of sewing the rosette on I made it attach like a pin so it will make washing the shirt a tad bit easier.

 P3170015  P3170022 

Princess did not like the sleeves but I really liked that puffy look that they feature.  Yes, I am the evil mother who makes her girls go outside in 30 degree weather to get a shot of them wearing their shirts.  Kitty Kat was thrilled but Princess wouldn’t give me more than one picture.

 P3170025 P3170029P3170031


  1. Found you on the link party. Nice job! Happy St. Patrick's Day! New to the blogger world, would love for you to follow me! :)

  2. Very cute! Love the little rosette with the penny! Thanks so much for linking up!


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