Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love Thy Parent

I had a hard time with today’s Giving Saturday, not because there are aren’t enough places that I think are worthy of mentioning, but because Japan is still on everyone’s mind as it should be, and I didn’t want to mention anything other than Giving to Japan.  Yesterday, I mentioned two great items that you can purchase and donate at the same time for relief in Japan and I contemplated if I should have just moved them to today’s post but I chose not to.

Last night was a reality check type of day.  I hyper ventilated for the 2nd time in my life and had a rather difficult time sleeping.  I always can call my BFF and she usually comforts me but on top of everything else I couldn’t find my phone, which meant no phone call to BFF. As you may or may not know I am single and I live in Pocatello with my two girls, my closest relatives (my parents) live 1 hour away and my only friend lives 5 hours away, I didn’t grow up here and have have lived here for close to 2 years now.  It can get pretty lonely at times but my girls keep me busy and occupied so I don’t really notice, it can be difficult not having a support system in the same town but for the most part it works out alright and I know that before I know it I will be done with school so that I can move if I desire (before I know it being 2 1/2 year YIKES!)


I can’t really explain why of all nights everything seemed to hit me yesterday but it did. I am finishing up the million assignments I was given this week and Spring Break officially started Friday evening.  I called my mom up in excitement that I finished my second to last paper due, the other being on Sunday, and she was telling me how they were selling their antique furniture and antique piano.  I lost my job last year and my Wonderful, Amazing, Generous Parents helped me get by for about 6 months.  I had acquired quite a bit of debt and was also in the process of having a surgery. At the time my parents were also going through a ridiculous law suit and had a lawyer that they found out all to late had some addiction problems.  My dad had to pull out most of his retirement to help me out and to pay for the fees from the lawsuit.

When my mom told me she was selling those items it just broke my heart, those items are some of the best pieces in her house.  She said that they were just downsizing and I know they hope to move away someday as the dream home the built has turned into a nightmare, but I can’t explain the emotion I felt when she told me, I really felt guilty that at 30 I still don’t seem to have my head screwed on correctly.

I am the worst when it comes to giving me presents.  Overall I’m pretty easy to shop for but I am not very good at surprise so I always figure out what I am getting before Christmas or my birthday.  This last Christmas was no exception I wasn’t nearly as good so I didn’t know weeks ahead of time but on Christmas Eve when my parents went out to the guest cabin I quickly opened all of my presents and the rewrapped them, yeah, I’m that girl.  I am the one who opens her presents and then rewraps them.  Now in completely honesty I would have been fine having nothing under the tree as my parents had already given me so much that year but this year was probably the first year that they surprised me.  On Christmas Eve Santa comes and leaves a big Santa sack at the house full of presents, he actually leaves the sack which is always exciting.  So the kids all pulled out there quite large gifts and then my nephew pulled out one smaller box that was labeled to me.  I was shocked as I already had more than I could ever dream of inside it was a nook, I had wanted one for quite sometime but couldn’t afford it they are not the cheapest of items. 

I swear there is a point to that rather long Christmas story.  When I was getting ready for bed I pulled out my nook and was getting ready to read a book that I actually have to have read for school, and the screen is ruined.  I can’t believe I ruined my nook.  I know it sounds petty, especially in light of what is going on around the world but my parents have sacrificed SO much for me and I go and ruin something so amazing, it just kills me.

bad day

So in light of my rather long story I ask you to give to your parents.  I know that I have the greatest parents in the world but I’m sure yours are pretty great too, just give them a thanks and a small token of your appreciation this week.  No monetary donation just give them something, because parents sacrifice and they continue sacrificing for their children as long as they need them too.  I know that whatever I do will not be close to show how much I appreciate them but I do and I am truly sorry for all the screws up I have had and will continue to have in my life.  Let your parents know you care.


Note: These are not my parents but this post needed an image and I wish I could send my parents to the beach and seeing as this couple is NAKED in the nude someone had enough money to send them on a private island.

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