Monday, January 24, 2011

Terry Cloth Travel Bags

When looking at my Pottery Barn Kids catalog I fell in love with these terry cloth travel bags and I knew that I had to replicate them. I love that they are terry cloth so that when they are sitting on the bathroom sink and water gets on them, it isn't a big deal if they get wet, that is their job.

"Princess's" best friend is celebrating her 10th birthday and decided that this would be a great gift for a girl hitting her double digits. I found this great hot pink zebra print fabric on clearance at Fred Meyer and fell in love with it. I really wanted to do this project with one large bath towel but all they had left were hand towels so I bought 2, thinking that I would need both to piece together. Luckily, I only needed the one hand towel so "Princess" is looking forward to getting a bag of her own.

I was a fool and made this WAY to difficult, which unfortunately, caused the top to look like a big giant mess, it was gift-able though, and the the recipient loved the fabric. The good news is that I know exactly what not to do on the next bags that I make.

I decided to not personalize it because she seems to be going through an identity crisis. I lined it with black vinyl and we put a few trinkets in it for the birthday girl. Shopko had some makeup and lotions on clearance for .67 cents and then we found some earrings and a necklace at Claires for $1. Even the vinyl was on clearance, it was a rembrant and it was 70% off. The total cost of the bag and everything in it was right around $5.00, the cost of the bag through Pottery Barn $17.00 that is a $12 savings, not to shabby.

I linked this post over at 30 handmade days and at So you think you're crafty.

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