Monday, January 31, 2011

Nook Cover

For Christmas I was given a nook. I have thoroughly enjoyed having it, especially that it is compact enough that I can just throw it into my purse. However, often times I go and grab it out of my purse and the battery is nearly dead because it accidentally was powered on. I also hate when I throw it into my book bag that there is absolutely nothing to protect it from damage.

On a recent trip to Barnes and Noble I wanted to buy a cover for my nook, what I didn't like about the covers though was that they are hard and are much wider, it makes the nook appear much more like a book, which makes it less portable, plus they cost a small fortune.

I have seen several tutorials online on how to make nook covers but most of them seem to try and replicate Barnes and Nobles version which makes it hard and wide, NOT WHAT I WANT. I came up with a thinner version that is working quite nicely, it fits in my purse and it protects my nook. I am no longer worried that it will turn on without me wanting it to and I can keep it in the protector and still charge it, another nice bonus.

I was originally just going to use some decorated flannel that I had on hand then I saw the "p.s. ... i love you" frame over at Flamingo Toes and I knew that the notebook paper look would be amazing for a nook cover.

I had some off-white flannel that I thought would give it a nice vintage type look. For the lines I used baby blue and red thread and for the wording I used grey embrodering thread. It is lined with 2 layers of batting. On the front I sewed the words "Once upon a time" and on the back I sewed "And they lived happily ever after."

I didn't want to add a button and ruin my nice lines so I decided to go with a red ribbon to tie it closed, I really love the red ribbon.

To keep the nook in place I used some clear elastic on the top and bottom, which is nice because it stays in place and is still 100% functional, I can use all of the features while it is in the case and I can even charge it.

I really am pleased with how this turned out and I think it looks better than anything Barnes and Nobles sales for the nooks. Now I feel even more confident bringing my nook wherever I go.


  1. Love it!!!!! It turned out way cute, love the clear elastic idea, and that you don't have to take it out to charge it.

  2. Love this idea. My friend has a nook and nothing to protect it. I was going to make a little case but I like that this one stays on while in use too!. Thanks.


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