Friday, January 21, 2011

T-shirt Valentines

For this Friday's Valentine I thought I would share what "Princess" is giving this year for Valentines Day. Now this project can become fairly costly, I was fortunate enough to have a connection and got all of my t-shirts for free. I do know though that Dollar Tree now has t-shirts so you could do a classroom size for right around $30. This I believe is a great idea for gifts for a few select people, because it is fairly cheap and kind of fun to see what you end up with. So onto our heart shaped t-shirts.

To make these only a few supplies are needed:

Fishing Line
Fabric Paint
Sponge Brush

The first thing to do is take your t-shirt of any color (I used a small adult size, I would rather have the shirt too big then too small), and shape it into a heart (I used a large heart shaped cookie cutter for guidance). I found it was easier to start off at the bottom point of the heart. Then start wrapping it with fishing line, as you reach the top of the heart start shaping the "humps" into desired shapes.

Once the t-shirt is nice and wrapped knot if off. This next step is optional as now you could be finished with the shirt, it looks neat just wrapped in a small heart shape.

However, I think it is neat to take it a step further. Take the fabric paint and sponge paint it on, both back and front of the heart. Lay out to dry for recommended time on your fabric. This will give the t-shirts a nice tie-dyed effect.

The next step is to add a nice little Valentine with it, ours is cut into a heart shape on card stock, on the front it says I think you are" t-shirt-rrific" on the back we put simple instructions, "Just cut string, wash, wear, and enjoy."

I am really pleased with how these turned out and hopefully these Valentines will be as well received as last years Valentines.

Happy Valentining

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