Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oneida Crisis Center

For today's post I thought I would go in a slightly different direction and share a personal experience one that makes me the woman I am today.

On April 27, 2002 I ended a relationship with a man who had been abusive to me for a few years, because of this I don't have very many fond memories of this relationship but I was fortunate enough to get two amazing little girls out of it. I don't feel that details are necessary but the form of abuse I was enduring at the time was physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Also, the way the relationship ended was through a phone call to the police.

Even after he was taken away to jail I felt a need or desire to forgive him and take him back, something that is all to common in abusive relationships. Fortunately for me, I had amazing parents who helped me through this trial in my life, gave me a place to stay, and helped me out financially. I know that if it was not for the love of my family then I would either be dead or still in the same abusive relationship.

The reason I am bringing this up is today is because it is "Giving Saturday" a day that I would like to dedicate to giving to others and mentioning organizations that are important to me and always appreciate donations.

Through some weird twist of fate my mother became the director of the Oneida Crisis Center and is in the process of getting an addition for the Crisis Center. Office space, counseling space, and a handicap apartment are desperately needed and they are accepting on going donations HERE. The donation page is set up through crowdrise a great new website designed for fund raising. If you are not familiar with it become familiar with it because it is great!!

I was fortunate enough to have a great family to help get me through this difficult time but many people do not have the resources to help out that is why it is great to have these Crisis Centers to help one another out. Any donation is greatly appreciated and this is an issue that needs to stop being ignored. ABUSE HAPPENS!

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