Monday, January 10, 2011

DVD Organizing

I know I have only been doing the blog for only a week but today I am going to do a lazy blog, YIKES! Give me a break it is Monday and the first day back at school, but I am in the process of a few projects and hope to have one of them up by tomorrow.

So for my lazy post, when I was down at my brothers house for New Years, my nephew wanted to play a Wii game and had to go to his parents bedroom to get it, I was intrigued to say the least. What my sister-in-law had set up was she had taken all of the DVD's and Wii games and put them in cases and every member of the family had check out cards.

When my nephew went to get a Wii game he didn't have his check out card because it was in the slot of another DVD that he had checked out before hand, he had to return it before he could check out anything else.

When my kids were younger it was always such a hassle keeping DVD's in there cases and keeping them scratch free, what a GREAT idea! I wish I would have thought about this when my girls were younger.

I passed the idea to my best friend and she immediately went to work in creating her own check out system and it is working out great. Luckily, she has recently started a blog and one of her first posts is a how to, so check out the link to Crafty Homeschool for a great tutorial and pictures.

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