Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Shopping Savings Spree

On Monday I had to drop my oldest, "Princess," off at violin the school is close to the mall and it gives me an hour to go and do a little shopping with "Kitty Kat." I really wanted to go to Bath and Body Works while they still had there yellow sale going on. I walked in through JC Penny and walked into the sale of all sales, I love this time of year!!!

My girls are now set for back to school next year. I know it sounds weird, it is only January and I already have my girls done for back to school clothes but clothes are ALWAYS more costly in the fall and this is the best time to buy them.

When buying clothes in advance there is a few rules that need to be followed:
  • Don't buy clothes that are going to be to big or to small. This can be tricky as kids sometimes go through growth spurts, but it is good to remember that August is only 8 months away children will generally only grow a size bigger or not at all. (I must mention that I am fortunate because my girls are 18 months apart so if I mess up on buying clothes they are sure to fit one of them.)
  • Don't buy clothes that are too trendy. Nothing is worse for a child when they get clothes that were clearly more popular the year before. For instance, last year the 80's were huge this year it would be a huge embarrassment for a child to go out in that time of clothing.
  • Don't buy clothes to far in advance. So many things can happen when you buy clothes to far in advance, you can forget about them, they seem to fit in the wrong season so that you are wearing winter clothes in the summer. You get the idea, bad things happen when you get a little to far ahead of yourself.
  • Finally, it is good to pay attention to what you are buying. By this I mean buy items of clothing that have stood the test of time. Items of clothing that have very little chance of falling off the face of the earth, jeans, hoodies, etc.
Here is what I bought.

I was able to find bras for my oldest, lots of jeans, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, and dresses. The best part is that every single item was only $2.97. Don't believe me? Here is proof.

I love how the tag states that it is 80% off when it is actually 95% off. So I must admit with these two dresses I bought a size to big but I couldn't resist and I purchased them with the intent of altering them, plus the bottoms are really poofy so if I don't like the dresses on my girls they would make fabulous purses.

My hands were full so I had to buy items twice, luckily my second transaction was a lot less then my first but that is only because I was running out of time my hour was almost up. The first receipt states that I saved $925.37 on the second receipt I saved $183.18. Which means my total savings was $1,108.55, AMAZING!!!

I must mention with the top receipt I also bought "Princess" a video camera for $9.97 it was regularly $69.99, that will be for her birthday in June. I bought the girls a new night lite too, I couldn't resist, it was from Discovery Channel and it is a moon and it phases like the moon, I can't wait to get it set up and look at it.

I hope this helps in your shopping endeavors I find it is better to always buy ahead.

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