Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

I love the movies! I love going to them and I love watching award shows that honor the greats of the year. I even worked at a movie theater for 5 years and it is still one of the great experiences of my life. It is my dream to one day have enough friends or acquaintances so that I can through a great Academy Award party. It's really the little that keep me going in life, the hope that someday I will know enough people to have a party.

The Golden Globes recently aired and even though I hadn't seen all of the movies (I desperetly wanted to watch Black Swan before hand) I still got excited for certain actors to win. So one may want to know what this has to do with crafting and saving money, well I love to look at the dresses. Even though Natalie Portman was not wearing my favorite dress of the night, I fell in love with the rose on her dress. Her dress reminded me of Valentines and I can't wait to replicate the rose, especially with all of the sparkle.

I must admit I am getting tired of all of the rosettes on EVERYTHING but this Rose just shouts out at me, "MAKE ME!" all right then I'll make you, sparkles and all.

So the winning dress and the MUST reproduce is this dress worn by Michelle Williams, honestly at first I kind of hated it. It is not a typical Golden Globe dress but what I love about it is that it can easily be worn anywhere almost a nice dress down outfit. So to my short list of things to make at the beginning of the year I have now added this dress as well. I am so excited to reproduce this dress!

Upon looking at these 2 dresses I find it amusing that the dresses I chose both have a flower theme. Quite interesting, considering I mentioned earlier how much I am getting tired of rosettes. All is good I will soon have a beautiful dress for the summer and beautiful roses for Valentines Day.

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