Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!

My youngest daughter, "Kitty Kat," is obsessed with Rapunzel, because of this obsession she has refused to cut her hair for the last several years; she is bound and determined that she is going to grow it as long as Rapunzel's. I am completely fine with this, she has beautiful blond hair and I know that I need to enjoy it while she has it. I am well aware that once she becomes a teenager she will grow out of her "little girl phase" and will probably color her hair purple or black or perhaps even worse will come home with a shaved head.

When I found out that Disney's Tangled was coming out in theaters I was thrilled because I knew that they would create great activities for there newest movie. Disney did not disappoint! One of the projects that I have wanted to do was the Rapunzel hair clip organizer that was demonstrated in Family Fun magazine, it is also on there website here.

It was a little difficult to deal with all of the yarn, it would have been A LOT easier if I would have made it a 2 person project. The yarn kept getting tangled and braiding it was extremely difficult. Over all though it was a very easy project and took less than an hour to complete. If I was to make it again though I would have cut 10 more strands of yarn for the hair as the top tended to be a little thinner than I would have preferred. Overall though, I think it turned out okay and am thrilled that we have a nice decoration that is functional, keeps the hair accessories in one place, and is easily accessible.

Of course it takes a photo to really show how filthy my walls are. This weekends project, clean all of the walls.

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