Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Potion 9

I love Valentines Day!!! Despite being completely alone and never getting any gifts of "love," I absolutely love this day. Needless to say, I always start planning early on what my girls will be giving for Valentines. Being that it is exactly one month before the big day and a Friday I have decided that all of my Friday posts will suggest Valentines that can be given to one another.

Last year the Valentines that my girls gave were a big hit. Fred Meyer had an amazing sale on their 20 oz Soda's, they were only .10 cents, when I saw the deal I knew I could come up with a great idea for Valentines Day.

Here are a few images of our Love Potion 9

I made a new label on Microsoft Word the front saying "9 A Love Potion," on one side we had Happy Valentines Day and To and From, on the other side we came up with a poem, we used the song and the Soda for inspiration:

Had a hard time getting boys to like me
So I went to a Gypsy named Madame Bea
On my hand she made a sign
"What you need is Love Potion Nine"
It smelled liked sweaty socks, it looked like ink,
I held my nose and took a drink
To my surprise it tasted like a soda pop
Now the boys just won't STOP!
So here's a pop from me to you
Hope you fall in love to.

The poem can easily be converted for boys as well just by changing a little bit of the wording. We used 20 oz soda's but one can easily use bottle waters and even soda cans. A note if you decide to make these though is the weight is quite heavy so be prepared to help carry them in with your children.

Happy Valentining

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