Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Bag

After 2 days of dealing with severe dehydration I feel much better and can function again, thank goodness. I am such a slacker and finally have all of my Christmas down, my biggest obstacle has been finding something to put my newest Christmas tree in. I hate spending so much for the Christmas tree totes and by the time I went to purchase one I couldn't find any.

Our school district does a festival of trees and the 2nd graders of my kids' school always decorate and donate a tree for it. Well, my youngest, "Kitty Kat", is in 2nd grade so it was her year to do the tree. She was quite proud of it and because we purchased "Princess's" tree she was bound and determined that we were going to buy her tree as well. Being a rather tough year financial I convinced her to not set her hopes up high and she didn't think that I would be able to purchase the tree. I did go on a field trip with her class though and got a picture of the tree.

They based the tree on the story "Queen of Christmas" by Mary Engelbreit. Myself and my girls went back as a family activity and looked at all the neat trees. I saw that the tree still didn't have any bids on it and I couldn't resist and placed a bid on it, without my girls having any idea. I got a phone call a few days later that I had won the tree so when the girls went to school I got the tree and set it up, the girls knew there was going to be a surprise, as I put a note in their advent calendar, but had no idea what to expect. It was so funny because when "Kitty Kat" walked in the house she didn't see anything and was really disappointed she didn't open the front door all the way. When she walked into the kitchen, it was so nice to see the look on her face, she was so excited that we got her tree. I'm excited to keep the tree until the girls move out on their own and then they will have their own trees that they made when they were in 2nd grade. Because I bought the tree this way it didn't have anything to store it in so I had to make my own holder.

Today I took a tarp and made it into a bag to hold the tree.

I haven't purchased a zipper yet, I thought I might use some velcro but I couldn't find it. It will work for storage this year but I may have to tweak it a little latter. I may sew the seam up higher to keep the tree completely in the bag which will save me from having to purchase a zipper.

I had never sewn a tarp before and I must admit I wasn't sure it would work but it stitched together just fine, it was extremely slippery though and I wished that I would have waited until my kids were home so they could have helped me guide the material in. I am still pretty happy with it though, and it was much cheaper than buying a tree bag or a tree tote.

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