Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am surprised that I haven’t shared any cakes.  I don’t make them very often and I still need A LOT of practice but I do enjoy making them here are a few cakes and cupcakes that I made over the past year.

This cake I made for my dad’s birthday, him in his Mustang.  I had to finish it at my parents house and I forgot my thermometer so I had to improvise on the window my original intention was to make candied glass


I made this cake for my birthday these are chocolate butterfly’s they are really easy and fun to make.


This by far was my favorite one to make it is cupcakes and it was so easy and fun to make, mess ups are completely allowed with this cake.  I made this for a former coworker who was quitting.


I made these for my daughter’s birthday for her to pass out at school.  Amazingly there is not policy in our school district against bringing homemade food and I hope that it stays that way until my girls are done with elementary school.


I made these dogs for a bake sale that my former employer was having they were fun, but my frosting kept melting.  My favorite that I made for the sale were pigs unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of them.


I made this cake for Princess’s birthday party.  She really wanted a purse cake, all of the accessories were made using modeling chocolate.


This cake was a last minute order.  I was recovering from surgery and was asked if I could make a cake commemorating the anniversary of when her husband broke his leg at scout camp. I had only hours to make it, that included baking the cake, and no supplies as I was at my parents house.  It was nice being paid for the cake and it is the only one I have ever been paid for.


These I made for another former co-worker he and I share the same birthday and I really wanted and excuse to try these sharks out, they were really fun.


That is just a glimpse into what I have made.  I very rarely take pictures of my cakes, as you can see most of these were taken at location and generally with a cell phone or by someone else.  I wish I knew more people because I do like making them but we can only eat so much can in our house until we throw it away.

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