Monday, May 2, 2011

35 things to do before I turn 35

I’m Back!!!  Did you miss me?  Did you even notice?  I did!  I saw all these fabrics and things staring at me waiting to be touched and created and I couldn’t.  Of course I did “cheat” and made a few necklaces but other than that I have been trying to stay on top of my studies.  At this point I only have two more finals and then I have the summer FREE!
I'm back
During my break I turned 31, YIKES, just writing it is SCARY!  My birthday was on Easter Sunday and it was the first time it has ever happened.  Every year I analyze what I want to do and like most people I like to put together a “Bucket List” of sorts.  Taking a cue from so many other blogs out there with list I thought I would post 35 things and I gave myself 4 years, Hopefully I can get them all if not most of them completed, so without further ado
1- Have A Million Dollar Company
2- Go On A Cross Country Road Trip
3- Go On A Date
4- Be Married
5- Have A New Car
6- Bike Yellowstone
7- Go River Rafting At The Grand Canyon
8- Overnight Hiking Trip
10- Go Bungee Jumping
11- Buy A House
12- Graduate College
13- Go Sky Diving
14- Learn/Go Rock Climbing
15- Pay Off Student Loans
16- Go Deep Sea Fishing
17- Go Whale Watching
18- Send Parents On A 2nd Honeymoon
19- Visit Greece
20- Get Girls Passports
21- Be At An Ideal Weight
22- Ride In A Limo
23- Learn How To Dutch Oven Cook
24- Go Snowboarding Or Skiing
25- Compete In Ironman
26- Get A Passport
27- Go To Glacier National Park
28- Audition For A Play
29- Go To New York
30- Try Surfing
31- Try A Vegan Diet For 1 Month
32- Stop Yelling
33- Ride In A Hot Air Balloon
34- Reupholster A Chair
35- Write A Book
So that is my list, apparently I really want to enjoy the outdoors and travel A LOT!  I better get that million dollar company going so that I can afford to do most of these things!  Can I really accomplish all of this in only 4 years?  Let the countdown begin!

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