Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adoption Auction


For whatever reason my hear has opened up for the family over at Team Chase: 4 and Counting, who are waiting to adopt children from Africa.  They had an auction earlier this year and I donated my Chips ACount Cookies.  They are having another auction beginning at the end of the month.

Team Chase 4 and Counting

She may kill me but I haven’t mailed anything yet, I don’t even know what to donate.  Suggestions?  I need to get the ball moving and I suppose I had better do it rather quickly as she wants the donations by the 20th, YIKES!  I may just donate some more cookies but I want to do more for them, I can’t really say why I haven’t met them before but I feel drawn to this family. 

I will be mentioning more next week but just wanted to give you a head up as last time the auction was great and they had a lot of neat stuff, I even bought some items.

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