Friday, May 13, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week the girls and I got really creative for Teacher Appreciation Week, there were so many great ideas online that we couldn’t choose one so we gave gifts out all week.  Now ideally it would be great if I took pictures for everyday but I didn’t so bare with me.  Princess’s teacher is a male so we wanted to keep the gifts fairly gender neutral as well.
On Monday we woke up and realized that we didn’t prepare anything with only minutes to spare I remembered seeing this on less cake {more frosting} you can find the tutorial HERE.  I always have an abundant of pencils we printed off the poem and for the container I used a take out box.  They were really easy to put together.
LCMF-Teacher Appreciation Gift
On Tuesday I once again used things that I had laying around the house.  I had some hand soap from Bath and Body Works they had a sale awhile ago and I must have ended up with 10 extra bottles and bonus we had one that was Apple scented we thought that was great for the male teacher.  I sadly cannot remember where I found this at I even went back to look for it because they had tags for everyone (we gave them away for Mother’s Day) and I could not find the website the poem went like though:
Grateful Hands, loyal hands, clean hands, loving hands, strong hands, giving hands, praying hands, helping hands, kind hands, willing hands, caring hands, friendly hands
Each Card had the words A+ Teacher (mother, grandmother for Mother’s Day).
On Wednesday we took advantage of the free clock download that Attempting Aloha gave found HERE
I didn’t have any clocks on hand but she was right and they had clocks for $4 at Walmart.  This did take a little more prep work then I thought it would and the pattern was still smaller than the clock so I had to paint the numbers over but they turned out lovely and the teachers have since hung them.

On Thursday I found a rubber band ball at Office Max and thought it would be fun to make something up with it.
I also found this fun printable for sticky notes at Craft whatever found HERE and included those with the gift.
On Friday I took a cue from eighteen25 with this teacher tackle box found HERE.  I created neat labels but they would not stay stuck to the boxes so they got trashed and to make it a little more special we included a gift subscription to netflix
teacher box
Our teachers have really been taken for granted losing days of pay, having supplies taken away, and having more children added to their classrooms, among other things. It was nice to be able to tell them that we still care.  It was also nice when the girls returned to school on Monday and were given thank you notes, it made the girls feel special as well.

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