Thursday, May 12, 2011

Violin Necklace

I recently found the blog My Girlish Whims and was drawn to her blog when I saw this beautiful Sheet Music necklace found HERE.
heart necklace
Princess was finishing up her year of violin and her friend will not be continuing the next year so to commemorate their time together I wanted to make something and this seemed fitting of course I used a different design, a violin.
I had never made any jewelry before except for maybe some made out of cereal so my knowledge was lacking and I admit I had always been a bit intimidated, but the tutorial and a list of tools needed was so great and easy to follow. The best part?  I was able to make four necklaces under $20 and that included the price for the tools!  I found a nice cheap toolset that had 5 different tools and they worked out great.  I still have lots of beads left over too.
When I made these I had promised not to blog or do any crafts because I was focusing on my studies but I totally cheated and they were so simple. Unlike the tutorial I did not dye my paper, I just didn’t have the time to wait for it to dry.  As you can imagine there are not any hole punches for a violin so I used my silhouette to cut it out.  Princess criticized that there were not any “f holes” but my blade was going dull and it wasn’t cutting them through all the way.  038
Because I was using the silhouette I couldn’t use cardboard and instead used cardstock and stacked it twice using the mod podge. They turned out beautifully, Princess was actually able to help make them, and everyone who received a necklace thought that we had bought them.  They were such a huge hit that we even made on for my Sister-In-Law for Mother’s Day she plays piano so I cut a piano instead and despite me not taking a picture it was just as neat.  I love the idea of using the sheet music and so many different instruments can be used based on the instrument that you play.

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  1. Love them, they turned out great!

  2. This is SO GREAT. I love that you changed the shape, awesome job!!! So proud of you haha :)

    I'll feature this on my blog sometime....I'll be doing a post on my blog of tutorials of mine that people have used. I'll let you know when!!

  3. I finally got around to featuring this on my blog! Come check it out :)


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