Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back At Last

I was looking at my page and was surprised at how little I have posted this month, very sorry about that.  My friend and I have decided to do a craft show together and I have been trying to get things put together and made for it.  I have never done one before and I must say I am a bit nervous.  We are going to have a booth at the Welsh Festival that is on July 1 and 2 in Malad, Idaho.  I still have a month to prepare but I really want things to look great and sell well, everyone’s wish right?

The weather has been awful making it extremely difficult to take any decent pictures, however today the sun peaked out for a bit and I was able to take a few images and I was able to post some things in my etsy shop.  I was hoping to list one other item but unfortunately the images were horrific and I already packaged it ready to go off in the mail, o’well.  Here are a couple things that I have been making.

I had this apron fabric in my supplies I bought it when Joann’s went out of business and got if for virtually nothing.  The pot holders were intended to be coaster so I used some batting and patritoic fabric that I found and made hot pads.  I only used 3 of the 4 straps so the final strap I cut and sewed some pieces onto the apron and used Velcro so that the hot pads could hang from them.  I really like how they turned out.  I even used quilters batting for the apron itself so that it will even protect the chef from those hot splatters.

I think this would be a great gift for Father’s Day!



I ended up with an entire bolt of this Strawberry Shortcake fleece, again when Joann’s went out of business.  Kitty Kat gave these away for Christmas we had so much that we even cut out the head and made pillows to go with them.  I love that using 2 we were able to make an accessory to go with the blanket.


I have made more items, but a lot of them are duplicates of what you have already seen.  I’ve been making Chips ACount cookies for the craft show, I made 3 of the aprons, two of the blanket sets, I also have been working on gifts for my test group for my newest business venture and hope to share some of those items shortly.  Also I have almost finished my Chips AColor cookies I have wanted to make these for awhile now there has been some grief with them as they are not quite how I want them but I think that they are good enough to sell.  We will see though.

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