Monday, May 16, 2011

5 Dinners In One Hour

I have mentioned this program in the past but I wanted to show you how we use this in our house.

Just a note this is not a sponsor I just love this program SO MUCH that I feel I have to share it and I seem to talk about it all the time to my friends.


If for some reason you have been stuck underneath a rock and have not heard of this let me explain what it is.  Upon subscribing, which you can do HERE, you are emailed a month worth of recipes, Each week is on one page and a shopping list is on another page, for only $15 you get 3 months of recipes.  Now I’m not going to lie I thought I’ll do 3 months and cancel my subscription and rotate, but then I got emailed the menu for May and it included many recipes for the grill, one of my favorite things to do!  So I have decided to continue.  I like the the menus rotate around the seasons. 

Since I plan on reusing the meal plan I wanted to make them easy to reuse and this is what has worked in our family, after wasting several printed pieces. 


I took a binder and bought some plastic sheet protectors and placed a week menu on one side and the shopping list on the other side.


When it comes time to do my shopping list I choose my menu for the week take a dry erase marker and mark what I already have on hand.


After I do my shopping I then flip over the page and the week full of menus are placed on the fridge.  If we don’t like a meal, which occasionally happens we write a few notes on the actual paper and write what we didn’t like.


I make the meals and they wait in the fridge and as we make the meals, we never make them in order we cross them out with a  dry erase marker at the end of the week we wipe of our marks place it in the binder and start it all over again.  I know that there are only 5 meals but we rotate our meals on a 5 day basis,  it is nice because we now have 3 months worth of menus and can get away with doing that.

Something else amazing with this program is that there are several meals that can be frozen.  I recently went through and and separated the frozen only meals.  I did this because a friend of mine had lost a family member and I wanted to help but in a different way. Having lost a sibling myself I know that it is when everyone leaves after that first week of the death that reality really sets in and the casserole seem to no longer exist.  I set a week of freezable meals aside sent instructions to each meal so that when they felt like it they could pull the nearly-premade meals out.

I really love this program and I urge everyone to try it out because it is completely AWESOME and there are so many amazing things you can do with it.  It is designated for a family of 5 I believe and being only a family of 3 it has been easy to adapt it to our family size.


  1. I just posted about your great idea to organize the menus. What a great idea!

    Make 5 dinners in one hour

  2. Very good idea. I used to write in the cookbook on recipes that did or didn't work out.

  3. Cool idea! I'm a fellow 5dinner1hour fan! I feel like I talk about it all the time too! I just think it's so fabulous that EVERYONE should be doing it!

  4. My daughter and grandson just moved in with me and my husband so I think now that there are 4 of us I might give this a try...Thanks for sharing....


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