Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Car Show

On Saturday I drove down to my parents and we went to a car show.  My dad entered his 1982 Ford Mustang, not with any intentions of winning as it needs A LOT of work but with the hopes of selling it. I am completely against this decision and if I knew anything about cars and had the money I would buy it but sadly I don’t.


It almost won though up until the very last hours his car was the only one entered in the 1980’s category amusingly enough, only one other car was entered in the same category. 

There were over 140 cars entered and some were fantastic I am by no means a car nut but I really do like the vintage cars like pre 1950’s, when I was in elementary school I read the autobiography about Henry Ford at least 10 times, I had an obsession with him, the Model T, and the invention of the assembly line.  After several hours the girls were getting bored I enjoyed just laying in the car getting a suntan/sunburn so I sent them out to take pictures.  We got a whole ONE, I forgot to charge the camera, AGAIN!


However, the whole entire point of this post is to mention this cute little shop/vendor that was there.  It was called Hipsy Gypsy Boutique and they even have a website found HERE. I loved everything about it, there displays were fantastic it was almost like walking into vintage heaven.  Items were displayed in vintage suitcases and she even had the cutest little trailer that you could walk into that had items you could buy.

trailer 1trailer 2

I got these pictures off there blog more images can be seen HERE.  I loved it so much that I even bought this AMAZING purse and I had to share.


Oh, yes that is totally cowhide.  I am by no means a cowgirl but I LOVE this and I think the clasp makes it totally not country.  When I was in high school I had cowhide clogs I wore those things to death and this bag totally reminds me of them, when I went to the website I noticed that they sale it online and you can totally buy one HERE.  I love my new bag and I am so excited to start using it, it was a great Saturday purchase.


  1. I don't know why your comments went in my spam, but I just found them and I'm so glad that I did! Thanks so much.. It gave me chills reading your post.. :) I am glad you loved the boutique and your purchase - Thanks for making my day!! xo Heather


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