Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lemon Squeezy Pillow Case

I was downloading some pictures for today’s post and was surprised to see that I had not shown/shared these pillow cases that I made.  I found the pattern and tutorial over at A Lemon Squeezy Home, you can find it HERE.  Like everything of hers I LOVE it and cannot express how easy it was to make.

The first one I made I used left over fabric that I had on hand.  It was meant for a Cheeta Girls quilt so it was difficult to cut to size and I had to make a few alterations but it turned out great!


Princess loved it so much that she requested I make one for her friends birthday present.


I still had to make one for Kitty Kat and she is a purple girl through and through.  I was going to make one like the Cheeta Girl one but I found some Jelly Fish fabric and for whatever reason I LOVED it.  She did say that it was a bit boyish but I assured her that the button that was a real seashell made it girly.  She loves it.


The best things about these pillow cases is that they can hold so much.  They are great for long car rides because they can but their books in them and have pillows when they want to rest.  They have worked great for overnight bags as well there is plenty of room to hold all the items they would need PJ’s, hairbrush, clothes for the next day, and even an animal or two.  I seriously recommend these pillow cases and they only take a couple of hours to make cut to finish. A great project for all those sleep overs that are sure to happen. Amazing!

On another note I wanted to say thank you to all who follow and read this blog, I truly appreciate it.  I have had some struggles and rather rude comments that have made me re-evaluate a lot of things and my new attitude is that I will take it as it is!  I can handle criticism but rudeness is not necessary and not welcome in my world.  Only love and kisses here!  Thanks for sticking with me and I hope to have an amazing summer creating new things and enjoying the outdoors.

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