Monday, February 28, 2011

The Magic of The Oscars

The big show was on last night, the Super Bowl to the movies. A night that I personally long for every year, I love the Academy Awards. There isn't one particular thing that I love more than the other, I love the history behind the Oscars, the red carpet, the speeches, the winning of an underdog, and the complete shock that always seems to happen.

I dream of walking down the red carpet with my arm wrapped around Leonardo Dicaprio (whom I call D), Edward Norton (Eddie), or even George Clooney (I heard he had a pet pig), being interviewed by E News and Ryan Seacrest, wearing the most glamorous jewelry, and being the best dressed of the night (which of course would be my own creation). To make the night extra special my date wins the Oscar and mentions to the world how great I am for his achievements, and then to add complete shock to the ever unimaginable evening, I win an Oscar as well, for Best-Actress.

I dream of having my own Oscar Party, having friends dress up in glamorous dresses, walking down a red carpet, beautiful tables set in an amazing display, food served by waiters dressed in tuxedo's, bids on who will win Best-Picture and Actor, having laughs and tears as the Stars accept their awards, and of course having my guests donate money to a worthy cause.

Of course those are only dreams. Last night I put on my pajamas, turned on my computer to get additional coverage of the Best-Dressed, and watched the the Academy Awards in my living room ALONE. That is the magic of watching the Academy Awards though, the dreaming behind all of it, knowing that some of the people who walk onto the stage never thought that they would be holding that golden man and giving an acceptance speech.

One of the most magical events of the evening was the PS22 Chorus. These children are from public schools in New York and it is just AMAZING that through the power of You Tube and a great teacher these children were able to perform at the Academy Awards, and performed my all time favorite song "Over the Rainbow." If you have not heard any of their other performances here is a clip of "Firework."

The dresses never disappoint at the Oscar and I must say my favorite dress of the evening was not of a nominee at all but of a performer, Mandy Moore.

The amazing thing about this dress is that you can't tell where is begins and ends, it blends so well with her skin, she looked so classic in this dress. I wish that I could recreate this, but I'm not that talented (yet anyways).

The other dress that I loved was Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren is just AMAZING! I have put her along with the dress, in my favorite list because I just hope that when I am her age that I will dress and look half as good as she does, she really does look better with age.

I must say that my two least favorite dresses were this dress by Cate Blanchett.

Don't get me wrong the dress could make a very interesting pillow but as a dress, I pretty much hate it.

The other dress that I didn't like was this dress by Mila Kunis.

Now I know you think I am crazy for not liking this dress but let me tell you why it is on my least favorite list. I love the color, I love the flow, I pretty much love everything from the breasts down. Yes, I hate the lace around the breasts, when she first got out of the car it looked like she was wearing pasties. YUCK!!! Not appropriate for the Academy Awards.

I was worried this year with two younger hosts for the Award show but Anne Hathaway and James Franco did not disappoint and I was extremely AMUSED. I don't don't know where I laughed more seeing James Franco in a dress and a leotard or watching Anne Hathaway singing to Hugh Jackman.

The Academy Awards are now over and I must say despite being in my PJ's alone, I enjoyed my night and can hope that perhaps one of my dreams will come true for next year. Ahh, the magic of the Oscars.

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