Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bieber Fever

Last Wednesday I took "Kitty Kat" to see Justin Bieber's Never Say Never movie. I was not looking forward to watching it, I've not been a huge fan of Justin Bieber. Not to say that he isn't a good role model for my children, in fact as far as children role models he so far hasn't seemed to screw up his life too much and his mom seems to have a good hold on him, something extremely rare in Hollywood terms. It was just that his voice kind of got under my skin a bit, that is it, nothing more. In case you have been fortunate enough to not hear about Justin Bieber's Never Say Never film here is a trailer for the film.

Well, just like I knew would happen I walked out of the film and now I am a victim of Bieber Fever. I am seriously impressed with this kid! I cried, I laughed, and I even got up and danced! Oh yes, when I go to the movies I make sure it is an experience! Especially when it costs so much, don't worry we were on the top row and the only people in the theater, I try not to disrupt others, but I must admit sometimes I forget others are in the theater with me. (I used to work for a theater and had to preview the movies, so I became accustomed to watching movies by myself and making the most of it.)

Upon leaving the theater I really wanted to create a Justin Bieber shirt. I kept thinking of different slogans and designs for shirts. Luckily, "Kitty Kat" had a birthday party to go to on Saturday so I knew that I could make one for the birthday girl and her to match.

I knew that Joann's was having a sale on their shirts so I planned on buying a purple shirt through them but apparently they don't make purple shirts. Kind of a bummer as that is what I had running through my head (purple is Justin's favorite color) for a design. I ended up having to buy some purple fabric paint and to make it pop I also bought some purple glitter. I had white t-shirts at home.

I pulled out my silhouette and freezer paper and went to work. For the front of the shirt I put the phrase, "I Have A Fever!" and for the back, "A Bieber Fever!" I also put a heart design underneath that. The glitter on the front was the bottom dot on the exclamation point and for the word A, for the back I glittered the word Bieber and the heart design. I apologize for the darkness of the pictures, lighting was not the best that day.

I don't like that it looked like a plain boring t-shirt so I cut out the hem on the neck, the arms, and the bottom of the shirt. I then put some elastic on the sides and sleeves and sewed it with purple thread, I really wanted the purple to pop out everywhere on the shirt. I think it did!

I loved when "Kitty Kat" put the shirt on. She had to wear a tank top underneath but it had quite an 80's type look to it and was adorable. When looking through my t-shirt supply I noticed that I have a plain t-shirt that is purple, am I to old to make a Justin Bieber shirt for myself?

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