Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For the Birds

On a recent trip to the Hallmark store they had wooden bird houses covered in bird seed and I thought how fun those would be to make. I had originally planned on using some cardboard and making houses out of those to cover with the seeds but when I went to the dollar store I found these wooden houses.

They were considerably smaller than I planned on making my houses but I liked that they were wood, only a dollar, and it turned out it was better that they were smaller as they were easier for the girls to cover. These were really fun to make and really EASY.

I took some peanut butter and spread it over the houses and then poured and patted the seeds down with my hands. They turned out fairly cute and I am interested to see who eats them first, the birds or the squirrels. Either way they were a fun and cheap activity for the family.

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