Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I am back and very GLAD to be back too. As mentioned before I really like Valentines Day and this year for Valentines I did a bit of an American Girls theme, it all pretty much started with a PJ top that we found at the local second hand store.

"Princess" fell in love with this top and begged for it I told her I wouldn't get it because it didn't have bottoms and I apparently was too cheap to pay $3 for a top. She has really gotten into the books so that night I went online and couldn't believe how much there PJ's were over $60's, that $3 wasn't looking so bad now. While on the website I ended up ordering the Felicity and Elizabeth dolls, I know I'm a sucker but they are being discontinued I figured if I was going to buy one now was the time.

I went back to the second hand store and they still had the top I was glad and bought it. All I needed were bottoms so I decided to make some. I haven't made any before but I'm pleased with how they turned out and I was shocked at how easy they were to make, I can't wait until tonight when she puts them on. I wish I could have found striped fabric or gone with pink but the red still works.

We also changed our minds on Valentines for their classmates and I found packages of gum at the Dollar Store for 12.5 cents. I made cute little tags that say I "chews" you! I tried to use my silhouette for the project but apparently I'm an idiot and wasn't willing to spend enough time figuring out how to use it. So I went back to what I know and created this using Microsoft Word.

As mentioned I now have a silhouette and I really am shocked at how difficult it is to start off with, I am excited for when I learn everything but unfortunately I don't have much time to really sit down and tinker with it right now, so I will have to wait to play with my new toy. I did however make the girls some t-shirts for Valentines with it though. I found these great t-shirts at, yes, the dollar store. I didn't have any of the fabric vinyl so I just cut it out on some wax paper and then used some fabric paint, I love how they turned out and I really love the baseball style of the shirts.

Once again I plan on being back and ready to go with this blog, I am actually glad I stepped away and got my life somewhat in order. Happy Valentines Day until Wednesday!

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