Monday, February 21, 2011

After Valentines Flowers

I love buying flowers after Valentines Day. Flowers are usually at the cheapest after Valentines Day and I love thinking of these late bloomers, the flowers that didn't make the cut for the holiday, the flowers that weren't quite mature enough, the flowers who just didn't quite matter enough for someone. I appreciate these late bloomers more than I do the flowers that are ready to be purchased and overpriced for the big day!!!

I splurged yesterday and bought flowers, they all looked so beautiful and the prices were just amazing, I found the 3 large vases at the second hand store and was dying to fill them with blossoms. What is even more amazing about these vases is one simple flip and they become candle holders, BONUS, 2 for 1 design LOVE IT!

Now be kind I am by no means very good at flower arranging but I love the LIFE the flowers bring to my living room, especially among the winter conditions outside. Go ahead buy yourself a gift of flowers for yourself or someone else, it is totally worth it.

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