Friday, June 3, 2011

Little teapot, Big teapot

I have wanted to make these for awhile they are my version of big sister, little sister shirts.  I planned on making these for a girl I went to school with so that I could convince her to be one of my test groups.  She agreed before I made these though, I mean who doesn’t like to receive free gifts?  I still had the shirts though and these are now in the mail.


I used my silhouette for this project but it can easily be done without one.  I found a teapot design that I liked and forked out the 99 cents for it.  I originally planned on having the phrases, “I’m a little teapot” and “I’m a big teapot” but I eventually settled on “little teapot” and “big teapot.”


I thought about doing the lettering in fabric but I really am enjoying using the heat transfer vinyl so I used that in place of the fabric which also meant I had less sewing.


I think these turned out cute and I’m thinking for a boy’s maybe “big truck” and “little truck”?

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