Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chips AColor

I am so excited to have these FINALLY finished!  I have wanted to make these for quite sometime now.  It is the same concept of the Chips ACount cookies but this time with color.  There are 10 colors, white, black, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, green, orange, and yellow.  On one side there is the chips with the corresponding color and on the other side is the color that I hand embroidered.
I had to hand embroider the words and I am still learning how to do it so it isn’t as clean as I would like it but I think they still turned out ok.  Maybe one day I will have an embroider machine to do it for me.  My sewing machine does do letters but they are so small that I just didn’t like how it looked on them.
I hope with time to tweak these a little bit differently but we will see.
I even created my own labels to go on my items.  These were intended to be temporary until I can afford to buy actual labels but I think they look great so I may keep them.  I had some iron on, printable fabric (another thing I bought when Joanne’s was going out of business) and I just shrunk the design and put my etsy shop address on them.  What do you think?  Keepers?  The cost was great too because I know the package cost under $1 when I bought it. I had an extremely difficult time trying to get images of it.
Chips AColor are now in my etsy shop as well, if interested just click on the link to the left.  They are currently priced at $12.50 but just a note I will be rising the price at the end of the month to $15.00 and shipping will stay the same.  So if you want one for a few dollars less now is the time to buy them.


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  1. Wow those look like they were a lot of work. They turned out really cute!


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