Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stuffed Frog

As I mentioned yesterday I am in the process of testing out a new business venture, it will be several months if not a year before I launch it as I want to get all of the bugs out but here is a sneak peak of one of the gift sets I put together.007

It includes a blanket, 2 burp rags, a 2 month onesie, a 3 month onesie, a frog onesie, a diaper clutch (designed my a lemon squeezy home), and the stuffed frog.

This gift basket is intended for the child for the ages of 2 and 3 months and my original intent for the frog was to make it a touch and feel type of stuffed toy.  I didn’t quite work out how I intended but I think it still came out rather cute.


Let me explain what I originally intended. His legs were to be a different type fabric then his arms.  I had a corduroy fabric but I made the legs too thin and was unable to stuff him, if I make him again I would make slight adjustments.  I was going to have them filled with different materials, and had a squeaker that I intended to put in the foot.  Even though it didn’t work out I still like how his hands and feet turned out.


I was surprised looking around cyber space that the stuffed frogs don’t have tongues. I mean to me that is what a frog is for to catch fly's with his long tongue.  I even made a little fly out of felt and hand stitched it to his tongue.


As I mentioned earlier he was supposed to have different textures, my original plan was to have the body be fleece, the eyes flannel, arms felt, and the the legs corduroy.  Had I known I wasn’t going to be pleased with the legs I would have made the eye fabric match the body but I had already hand stitched on the eye pieces so I kept them a different color.  I also filled them with some thin clear vinyl so that when you touch him his eyes will make a crinkling sound. I think his eyes are a little bit further apart than I like but I think overall they turned out ok.


I was going to feel the body with some Styrofoam beans but ended up just stuffing it with polyester fiberfill and I put the squeaker in his body.  My original plan also had the feet and arms coming from the bottom so I put an extra piece of fabric on the bottom of the body, which also makes it easier for him to sit up with.


He came together really quickly and from design to finish I would say it took about an hour to make.  Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?  I think I may try again but this time make it an actual touch frog, what do you think?  Anyway I can easily put a tutorial and pattern together if anyone is interested.


Now I just need to think of a name for him, hmm?

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