Monday, June 13, 2011

Guitar Cake

Princess wanted an electric guitar for her birthday cake, and this is what I came up with.
At first she wanted chocolate cake and then she wanted white cake with it as well. So I decided to make marble cake.  I was surprised when looking how to make marble cake that the only directions I could find were for a Bundt cake, so I winged it.
I think that it turned out okay.  I used the chocolate recipe cake found HERE and I must say it was delicious, I liked it because it was made for a whole sheet cake.  My sheet cake pan was a little bit bigger then the size asked for so I made a Better-Than-Basic Yellow Cake recipe that I had in my FAVORITE cookbook Disney’s Family Cookbook. 
This cookbook is no longer in print anymore but I must say it is amazing.  It is from the creators of Family Fun Magazine and if you can find it snatch it up.  When I find it on ebay I buy it and give it away as wedding gifts.  Seriously GREAT!
So marble it I first put the yellow cake in because there was less and then I poured the chocolate to fill in the cracks run my spatula throughout it making sure I went all the way down to the bottom.  I must say this cake is delicious.
I wanted the cake to be close enough to life size so I ended up using the entire sheet cake for the base.  I was going to make a template and go around it but I was a little lazy and I just looked at a picture while I cut out the shape.
I think it turned out okay. When I was originally making it I thought that I would finish it up at my folks house so I wanted it on two separate sheets so I could put it in the fridge.  In the end however I found something that I thought would work to place the cake on at my house and used it.  It was never put in the fridge again, and was finished at my house something I now regret.
The neck was Rice Krispy treats and everything else was cake.
I dirty iced the entire cake and the put it in the freezer.
Then I took some regular store bought fondant.  I usually make marshmallow fondant but I wasn’t up for the mess.  It tastes better, I cheaper than store bought, but it doesn’t apply to itself very well.  She wanted the guitar to be red but that is a really hard color to get so she settled with the pink, I think it looks more girly anyways.
Notice my nice mistake at the bottom of the guitar? It wasn’t my original intent to have the purple covering to go over it but when mistakes happen you can always improvise.
As mentioned before I wish I would have waited when I did the final icing.  I was tired, it was late, and I should have just waited until morning. The strings and the wording look like crap, but o’well.  I need to continue reminding myself when I am tired of something to walk away for a bit and finish it later.
She loved the cake, it tasted great, that is all that matters.
Happy 10th Birthday, Princess!!!

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