Thursday, June 9, 2011

Party Dress For Two

My Princess turns 10 next week and the next few posts will have to do with her birthday.  Having a daughter who is turning 10 has been rather difficult to plan and give for.  She is out of the toy age and moving into the girly girl stage.  She now has an opinion to what I actually choose and generally she hates what I pick out.  Even at Claire's we had completely different styles on jewelry. 

For her birthday we have decided to go up to Boise, Idaho (a four hour drive away) and watch the touring Broadway show Mamma Mia.  She had the option of getting really good seat and just going with me and her sister or getting really bad (nose bleed) seats and bringing along two extra friends.  She chose bringing the friends along. 
It seemed simple enough except that one of her friends are quite the “tom boy” and has been rather difficult with the whole dress issue.  After becoming EXTREMEMLY frustrated I remembered this dress that I finished for Princess HERE
symphony dress
Both of her friends LOVED this dress, tried it on, and asked for me to make them one but with different colored fabric.  I pretty much laughed it off because let’s get real I was never going to make this dress again.  HA HA HA!
I made two more! 
The dress colors were chosen all because of these 2 purses.
These are to be their party favors and I have filled them up with lip gloss, hard candies, hand sanitizer, and nail clippers (they really don’t hold much).
To say these were easier to make is well…. I understand now why some of the instructions on the first dress didn’t make much sense. I made mistakes that were completely my own fault a few times which made them more difficult.  But overall much easier.  I love how we incorporated lace to match the purses.  Now Princess will have her own matching posse when we go to the musical.
I hope to have her dress finished for tomorrows post, however, for a sneak peek here is her dresses inspiration.

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