Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chloe and Mieko Shirts


I apologize for not doing a Giving Saturday.  I had every intention to do it but alas, my One Month to Win It project got the better of me.  After I submitted my project my girls and I spent some quality time together, we went to the movie Hop and really had a good time.

Needless to say, this very late Sunday evening will be my Giving Saturday, this is what I intended on posting but I didn’t get the project done until just now. 


It has been difficult finding something that my girls could physically do to help out with Japan, when I saw this Chloe and Mieko Shirt by Pink Fig Design I knew that this was something they could do and feel like they were helping.

Today, we took all of our supplies and they traced all of the pattern pieces onto the fabric, I did all of the sewing but it was nice to sit together and talk about Japan and Haiti and how it is important to help other out.

This is the shirt that Princess helped make.


This is the one that Kitty Kat helped make


They made a shirt for a child in Japan and a shirt for themselves, they are excited to wear them to school so they can tell all of their friends how they were able to help out the children in Japan.

We made four shirts today and we plan to make four more shirts.  The girls want to make the boy version of the shirts found at Living with Punks two for their nephews and then they can send them a nice letter explaining what they stand for and then two for Japan.


This has been such a fun and rewarding experience and I urge all of you to make your own Chloe and Mieko Shirts, they need to be mailed to:

Pink Fig Design

2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd.

San Ramon, CA 94583

They need to be received no later than May 25th so there is plenty of time to make your own shirts.  Living with Punks did a nice week long tutorial found HERE for shirts and also has a boy version of the shirt, so be sure to check out her blog as it was extremely helpful.

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