Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday I’m In Love

So did you notice?  Did ya?  Go ahead go on over to One Month Two Win It, scroll all the way to the bottom, yep that’s right I’m a LOSER!

I must admit I’m a bit sad by the whole thing, a lot of different factors that I need to think about and it makes me wonder if I even have a chance with this creative lifestyle maybe I am not one of the people meant to knock off Pottery Barn.  I will post a much better post on my AWESOME CRAFT AREA WALL ART on Monday and then on Wednesday, my real life friend, Len over at Crafty Homeschool will be guest posting!  Needless to say I am having a difficult time with this weeks Friday I’m in Love so to start off let’s revisit the song that started it all.

So to start off with, so that I don’t sound like a COMPLETE sore loser, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to compete on One Month To Win It, it was fun and I know secrets still for the end of the month.

I also love the blog simply sadie jane the other day she posted this image of her toilet.


Yep, she totally taped her toilet seat down to teach her husband a lesson.  I don’t have a man in the house so I don’t have the issue of falling in the seat but now I know how to set him straight!  LOVE IT!!

My other blog that I am in love with is Life, Crafts, and Whatever what I love is that she says things like it is.  If I comment on her post she always responds to me, I love bloggers who actually take the time for their followers and I must say whenever she responds to me I feel like a rock star is talking to me.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, I will try and restore my faith in crafting by next week.



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