Monday, September 26, 2011

Messenger of Peace

I’m sure you have noticed that my blog isn’t my regular bold red, but has been changed to Purple.  I didn’t change it to purple because it is my favorite color (although it is one of them).  I changed it because we are nearing October which is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month and purple is the color that has been chosen to represent domestic violence.

As you may or may not now I am a survivor of Domestic Violence. Although I have been out of the relationship for nearly 10 years, it is still difficult to talk about and as a result I have been unsuccessful in starting any new relationships. For the month of October I am going to dedicate my blog to making others aware of domestic violence.  I plan to talk about my past and perhaps even retype some of my journal entries.  I hope to also have other survivors come forward and share some of their experiences.  I do this not to make others feel pity but to encourage others.  My hope is to also give others the resources that are needed if they are victims or know of victims.

To prepare for the month of October I have been designing a jewelry collection that I am naming Messenger of Peace.  Each item will carry the color purple and a silver dove.  The silver dove carries the color purple symbolizing as a messenger of domestic violence awareness and bringing peace to those who have been affected.  A portion of all proceeds will be donated to assist victims of domestic violence.  I have listed some items in my etsy store and will continue to create more throughout the month.



I know this topic can be difficult for many but this is an issue that needs to be stopped and needs not be ignored.  As most of my readers are women I hope that through the heart ache you read that you will feel the strength to empower each other.

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  1. I am totally on board with this, my marriage was very abusive but thankfully my husband only *threatened* to beat/kill me, he never followed through on it. But the fear was enough.
    I will never get married again. It's ok to say no to future relationships -- life can be fulfilling without a man in it. I am incredibly happy now.


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