Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Year Old Support

First of all I apologize for the EXTREMELY long absence from the blog and unfortunately I don’t think things will be picking up very soon.  Summer has kept me busy and I have been doing work down at the Oneida County Crisis Center, which means I have been staying down at my parents house as it is too far to drive everyday. 

We also went on a vacation and I will be sharing pictures later in the week.  We went down to Southern Utah and did a lot of the National Parks down there, Bryce Canyon, Zion’s, The Grand Canyon (sort of), Cedar Breaks, and spent a few days at Lake Powell.

Today I want to share with you an amazing discovery I found at Barnes and Noble the other day.  We like American Girls in our household and unfortunately I discovered them just a bit to late, or so I thought.  While in the children's book section we were looking at a tower that had American Girls books and we found  The Care & Keeping of YOU.

AG Image

Princess and I butt heads A LOT.  I love her but we have different personalities and we don’t always get along.  She is also now 10 and seems to be getting in the “Mom doesn’t know anything!” phase.  This book has been a blessing. It seriously covers everything for a growing girl.

Princess is not much of a reader but for the last week she has taken this book with her everywhere and every chance she gets she has her nose in the book.  In fact this morning she stopped before getting in the shower to read if there were any tips on cleaning.  There weren’t other than taking showers more often but I love that she is stopping to think about taking care of herself.

The table of contents is broken up into sections of: Heads Up!, Reach! Belly Zone, Big Changes, On the Go, and The Girl Inside.  It really does seem to cover everything.  I don’t expect it to cover our talks together and in fact this book encourages talking to adults about some of the issues, but I like that we have one book for all of our resources and I don’t have to look everywhere for resources.

The book was really cheap as well only $9.95 but biggest regret is not buying the entire set that they sale together that was right around $30.  I highly recommend this book for your growing daughter and had to express my amazement with this book, it really has become a blessing.

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